03 Jan

Tow Truck Operators Beware! Drive Shaft Removal – An Important Lesson

There Were Lots of Reports of a tow truck operator hurt from the process of eliminating a drive shaft known as a drive line by RV’s but in concept that the injury could happen at any automobile.

Our very own towing Institution of California was approached by a driver that observed the tow truck operator struck with the drive line that he was eliminating and suffered a serious head injury. While studying this horrible description motorcycle towing service, I replayed the situation in my head the way it happened and how it might have been averted.

With over 30 Decades Expertise in the towing business, I’ve experienced this situation many times. It’s but one of the chief issues in training for each and every new worker and is revisited occasionally as a retraining tool once we run our security meetings.

The problem arises After the transmission or differential is secured inducing the drive to bind.

  1. The tow truck has to Be hooked up with security chains to the handicapped vehicle before moving in any additional steps.
  2. Never try to Eliminate the drive shaft without initially catching it with your hands and rocking it back and forth to see totally free play.
  3. If not a free play, You have to jack up a drive wheel off the floor which alleviates the strain or tack onto the drive shaft so permitting it to attain totally free play. Again, I think, don’t do this unless the handicapped vehicle is hooked up to the tow truck!
  4. When the pressure or Bind is relieved that the drive shaft is currently safe to remove.

Regrettably drive Line removal accidents occur all too frequently and can be cause of concern from the towing business. In the event the aforementioned simple but nonetheless life saving steps aren’t followedthe tow truck operator discovers himself not able to eliminate the drive shaft. The tow truck operator then uses other tools like a pry bar to pry from the drive shaft causing the drive line popping up out and turning like a propeller.

Towing is a poisonous Job by simply being on the street manner. Safety should be the initial Factor in almost any tow truck operator’s performance.

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